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Don't cut down the eucalyptus trees in Los Osos



It was brought to my attention that LOCAC (L.O. Citizens’ Advisory Council) approved the cutting down of 32 majestic eucalyptus trees located behind Los Osos Middle School. To see these trees, go to the end of El Morro Avenue. I am wondering how I could have missed this important meeting on Oct. 22, because I did not see any notification to the public and I would have attended and objected.

In 2004, a Los Osos citizen, Ann Calhoun, wrote about her feelings after the state park system cut down 20 to 30 trees in this location. The 32 remaining trees are a Los Osos landmark that should be treated with respect. I find it hard to believe that LOCAC voted and approved this without our input.

It is now in the hands of the SLO County Planning Department. Hopefully, we will be notified this time to express our opinion. 

-- Ybi Van Ekeren - Los Osos

-- Ybi Van Ekeren - Los Osos

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