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Don't forget: We elect these ethically challenged leaders




On June 9, you published two letters, one by Walter Heer (“Paso Roblans don’t think the city is functioning well”) and the other by Arthur Cullati (“Eliminate departments that harm civil liberties”), each showing disappointment with either local or federal government or both. Their thoughtful letters each have good points!

Christopher Lee, a Republican (N.Y.) who circulated a bare-chested photo of himself, found that he needed to resign. Anthony Weiner, a Democrat (N.Y.) who exposed much more of himself than a bare chest, refused to resign. Nevada Republican John Ensign, who admitted having an affair with a campaign staff member, said that he would resign from the Senate. I’m not going to mention John Edwards, Bill Clinton, and Eliot Spitzer, etc.

Arroyo Grande City Councilman Ed Arnold pled no contest to burglary and child porn charges, and it turns out that former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also had ethical problems beyond leaving California with a $25 billion debt.

Do we investigate the people we vote into high office? Do we even pay enough attention to the campaigns—check them out like we would check a babysitter for our kids?

We send them our tax money each year. We give them our retirement money (Social Security) for safekeeping. We trust them to make regulations and laws for us to run our businesses. We let them send our sons and daughters to wars in distant lands they are not even trying to win. We have trusted them!

They have given our jobs to foreign countries or allowed foreign workers to come here and take them away from us, made it almost impossible to buy anything that is not made in China, made us dependent on foreign oil, printed watered-down money, brought us more than $14 trillion in debt, and got us into three wars.

Could this be our fault?

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