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Don't give Capps another term

Santa Maria



I read your letter to the editor titled “‘Capps for Congress’ doesn’t like questioning” (March 29) with interest, and it could also have been titled “‘Capps for Congress’ won’t answer questions.”

As a former Republican strongly against her first opponent, a very radical right winger who didn’t tolerate opposing views, I helped Lois by working in her first campaign as a “Republican for Capps.” At that time, her district hadn’t yet been gerrymandered in her favor, so it was a tough campaign. Because I have lived in two countries that have term limits to prevent career politicians, nonstop fundraising, and corruption, I was very impressed when Lois signed a pledge with the Term Limits Committee not to run more than three times. Later she broke her promise and refused to return the $300,000 she was given for

attack ads.

I am also disappointed with her poor performance since then, and many of her stupid decisions like earmarks for removing tattoos, taking a vacation in Alaska at taxpayers’ expense, etc. Only a few. Also, I have written to her numerous times, and with only one exception I never even received a form letter in reply. I couldn’t even get her staff to return my calls, mainly on illegal immigration—I assume because she favors another unworkable amnesty.

Capps has served in Congress as a career politician long enough, and she doesn’t deserve another term.

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