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Don't just blame binding arbitration for money woes

San Luis Obispo



Voters need to look very closely at measures A and B. Proponents say that the city of San Luis Obispo is going bankrupt because of binding arbitration. While this is true, the police and firefighters are not the only reason the city is in trouble. How about the fact that San Luis Obispo has one of the slowest growth rates of all cities in California? Consider Dalidio, Prado Road, Froom Ranch, Target Center—just to name a few projects that Christine Mulholland and her group of supporters have vehemently fought against and continue to do so. They have done this by often distorting the facts. Because of this, I will always be suspect of any issue Christine Mulholland is behind.

How about the fact that San Luis Obispo discriminates against the handicapped and the elderly by continuing to oppose the necessity and convenience of drive-through businesses, thus restaurants like In & Out Burger will not build here? Add up all of the potential tax revenues that have been lost over the years and you come up with the real reason why the city of San Luis Obispo is in trouble. I agree that binding arbitration is in some ways a bad deal for the city, but stop placing all the blame on the police and firefighters and start coming up with better solutions.

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