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Don't keep art for adults



I was reading an invitation to “Girl—A Feminist Art Show,” when I noticed it was not allowing those under 18 years of age on opening night. I find it rather ironic that a show with such a muse would choose not to include teenagers.

What a great opportunity it would be to open up dialogue in a population where it is severely lacking. Those interested in attending should not be turned away, nor censored by a “safer” version of the show. Art, much like the subjects of this show, is a normal and natural part of life. Yes, art is exciting, it is beautiful, it can be dangerous, it can be controversial. It is also a fantastic platform for educating people on a subject, and in this case subjects that many women of the world have and are trying their damndest to prove are normal.

Most teens have nearly unlimited access to the Internet and (violent) video games; they can see anything they want. But oh dear, we certainly don’t want any of them to see a piece of art depicting a vagina!

I see no reason why teens should not attend, especially with a parent or positive mentor. This is a missed opportunity for learning in a safe and creative environment, especially for a generation that should be empowered and inspired to continue to shape society in a positive way. While I’m excited for the show, I have to say I’m also disappointed.

-- Dakota Moulton - San Luis Obispo

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