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Don't let apathy select our next leaders

Paso Robles



Some council leadership in this election is counting on your apathy to keep them on the Paso Robles council. When you don’t vote, the minority who does vote wins. The silent majority needs to stand up, discuss issues, be counted, and be listened to to start a new beginning. By voting, you are going to be heard. Smaller government has integrity, trust, efficiency, and understanding as it deals with people honestly—and has the courage to do what is right for “We the People.”

I believe in smaller government that’s fiscally sound, responsive leadership not reactive bureaucracy. City government that listens to voters, works together solving problems, actually works with the city’s business community to help rather than hinder the free-market flow of economic success, which causes business to fail, rather than flourish.

It is time to stop the trend of residents not voting out of apathy, indifference, and allowing the minority to control the city of Paso Robles. It is time that “We the People” of Paso Robles take control of our city and listen to each other, with the majority of residents voting for true quality leadership.

I ask for your support/endorsement.

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