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Don't let San Luis Obispo County development run rampant




If sheer number, size, and slickness of signs and sundry other advertising were an indication of one’s fitness for office, then Debbie Arnold, running for the position of local supervisor, could be president of the United States.

But let’s be blunt here: Those signs were paid for mainly by developers, many of them out-of-state. High rollers are piling a lot of money into her account. Why? It’s simple. It’s the same old story; they hope to make a lot more back should she be elected. Of course they are going to expect payback for all that moolah!

So let’s cut to the chase. Debbie Arnold is a hardcore Republican, and we’ve all recently learned the hard way just what “Compassionate” Conservatism really means.

So here’s the deal: Want to see SLO County slowly turned into L.A. North? Then vote for D.A. Seen the hillsides in San Clemente? Like what you see? Then vote for D.A. On the other hand, if you are disgusted by what you see, and love SLO County as it is, then don’t.


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