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Don't reward negligence



Now that a more accurate cost—$12 million vs. $4.5 million—is known for the projected roadwork for the Del Rio Road project, it is clear there is only one party that has the resources to travel down this expensive road: Wal-Mart.

There was never any justification in giving Wal-Mart any corporate subsidies necessary to accommodate this superstore and related development. The city was never obliged to literally pave the way for a Wal-Mart. This money should not be borrowed from other city accounts, projects, or from state and federal taxpayers through SLOCOG.

If the Waltons (worth $148 billion) cannot afford to build this project without taxpayer welfare, the project should not go forward.

The City Council should:

1. Vote to adopt a resolution directing staff to demand a re-negotiation with Wal-Mart (WM).

2. Vote to adopt a resolution directing the city attorney to prepare litigation to have the flawed and incomplete contract invalidated, and to sue EDA consultants for negligence and seek damages for coming up with such inaccurate numbers.

Please do not reward with your vote their dereliction of the public trust in approving or blindly supporting this project deal: Tom O’Malley, Brian Sturtevant, Heather Moreno, or Chuck Ward.

-- Tom Comar - Atascadero

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