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Don't trust electronic voting




Once again, Diebold Election Systems is the poster child of what’s wrong with e-voting. If it weren’t for the courageous Humboldt County Registrar of Voters who allowed a group of transparency project volunteers to review the last election, a long-standing but little-known bug in a Diebold system that counted then later dropped almost 200 votes would not have been discovered. And if it weren’t for our great Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, and her office just doing their job of seriously investigating what happened, we wouldn’t have known about another shocking problem in the Diebold system, an audit screen “clear” button that all too easily would allow an insider committing election fraud to erase audit logs that could prove a theft—something they stumbled upon and were shocked to find.

The Secretary of State’s office will meet 
on March 17. And hopefully this time they will decertify Diebold and not conditionally re-certify such an incompetent, at best, voting system to count our sacred votes. 
No more Russian roulette with our elections!  

This is the same Diebold system used in San Luis Obispo.

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