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Dump the trash bashing

San Luis Obispo



I cannot believe that the Tribune is once again bashing the recently revised SLO Trash Can Ordinance. It is amazing to me how this is considered newsworthy, particularly for the front page. Of all the problems that SLO neighborhoods are experiencing, they have chosen this as an important issue?

How about doing some real investigative reporting and publishing an article about the myriad crimes that occurred during WOW? If you read the SLO police log for that week, you will have thought parts of SLO were a combat zone. There were numerous assaults, alcohol arrests, thefts, burglaries, vandalism, graffiti, noise problems, trespassing (people just walking into private yards and homes), etc. Why aren’t the local newspapers publishing these statistics and shouting how something needs to be done to curb these problems in our neighborhoods?

Many SLO residents are fed up with what goes on in their neighborhoods every weekend and many have packed up and moved as published in the recent 2010 census where it was revealed that only 34.7 percent of our city’s housing units are now owner-occupied. That means that nearly two-thirds of our housing stock is rentals, and I think many would agree that while some are family occupied, a large portion of these rentals are occupied by college students. In 1990 the percentage of owner-occupied housing units was 44.1 percent, and in 2000 it was 41.9 percent.

So, if the Tribune, or any other local newspaper, wants to truly investigate what is really happening in our neighborhoods, rather than focusing on the trash can issue, why don’t you reveal why this exodus of home owners is occurring. This city will face a real crisis if home-owner occupation continues to decline. Now that is a real story to investigate and publish.

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