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Dune drivers are a special interest group




 In response to former “Valley Rat” Michael Agular’s letter (“Don’t diss duners,” April 22), I have a few observations regarding his alleged right to use the Oceano Dunes as he sees fit. First, I agree “the time for compromise is over”. But not in the way he thinks; just the opposite, in fact. Why should anyone have to put up with the noise, the stink, the litter, the drinking, the airborne lung-damaging particulate matter, and the danger to life and limb posed by vehicular traffic on that beach and dunes? Just because it has been allowed up until now is simply not good enough anymore: It’s 2010, and the wild, wild, west is simply a movie, not a mantra.

 The Oceano Dunes is not a racetrack or pit area. It is a gorgeous beach and priceless, fragile ecosystem; a wondrous place everyone should be able to frequent. It is just not possible for hikers, sightseers, surfers, joggers and the like to coexist with thousands of cars, ATVs, RVs, campers, fifth wheels, and motorcycles there or on any beach.  The governing bodies of every other municipality in the entire state obviously understand that, because they took the necessary steps to ban such vehicular activity decades ago. For the greater good, we need to do the same here.

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

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