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Facing music of a different tune


I admire Andy's pay-as-you-go sentiment ("Los Osos: It's time to face the music," Letters, April 14-21). However, he is way off base in stating that "the rest of us, at our own expense, (have) taken care of our own mess."

In fact, at the time Morro Bay's sewer was built, the federal govt. picked up 70 percent of the tab; the state 20 percent, leaving the happy citizens of MB with just 10 percent of the overall costs. Those days are long gone. If and when completed, the Los Osos sewer will be the most expensive per capita self-financed wastewater project in the U.S., bar none. Basically, the entire U.S. paid for Morro Bay's sewer. The citizens of Los Osos will pay for theirs.


Michael Morin

Los Osos

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