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False anger at spending cuts




In 2011, Californians saw protests against the spending cuts to services for the elderly, poor, sick, and college students. The protesters spoke out against the cuts and directed their anger at those they deemed responsible for the reductions, mainly banks and big corporations. However, California Democrats and the people who supported job-killing legislation deserve blame as well.

What media outlets don’t often mention is how funding for public services is generated. When wealthy individuals and profitable businesses prosper, they generously pay tax to California. These tax receipts are then used for means such as public safety, services for the elderly and poor, and public education. Sadly, for too long, Democrats in the state Legislature have neglected the concerns of the businesses that generate the bulk of tax receipts. This neglect forced businesses and wealthy individuals to leave California, which decreased tax revenue. As a result, there is less money to spend on vital public services such as public safety, education, and assisted care.

Currently, California still faces drastic budget cuts because current tax receipts will be less than projections for the next fiscal year. In short, California plans to overspend its resources, thus a deficit arises. Given that we have a poor credit rating, borrowing the funds to cover the deficit will be difficult and expensive. However, there is a better solution. If Californians elect pro-business candidates, the private sector can generate more tax receipts for vital public services, which we cannot afford to lose.

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