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Fight abuse; keep talking about it

SLO-CAP executive director



With the release of the “perversion files” made public by Boy Scouts of America, there may be a temptation to close the book on this story and focus on other concerns, such as the economy and our national security. But to do so would be to ignore another concern that impacts all of us: the ongoing responsibility of adults to ensure that all children have the opportunity to lead healthy lives.

Yes, this is upsetting news, and yet it increases our awareness about how we can prevent sexual abuse by understanding the ways predators groom children; and how sexual abuse is less a tale of "stranger danger" and more about the potential danger to children who are betrayed by a trusted adult or peer acquaintance. Today the norm of silence about child sexual abuse is an open discussion about what it takes to ensure healthy child development.

Given this, we ask all adults to see the cover-up of the “perversion files” as a call to action and to support the “Talking About Touching” program and other prevention education resources provided by the San Luis Obispo County Child Abuse Prevention Council.

To learn more, visit slocap.org or call 543-6216.

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