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Financial institutions deserve strict regulation

Paso Robles



Reckless behavior by big banks, mortgage lenders, and credit-card companies have cost millions of Americans their jobs, their retirement savings, and their financial well-being. Strong reforms currently before the Senate would hold big banks accountable and crack down on abuses by credit card companies and the mortgage lending industry.

Unfortunately, there is an army of lobbyists on Capitol Hill fighting to protect the bonuses, loopholes, and sweetheart deals that some Wall Street banks enjoy, while millions of Americans lose their jobs and

savings. Senators must make sure that any final bill protects states’ rights; that investment advice must be based on the needs of the client, not the financial institution; and that consumers gain a watchdog to protect their financial security.

 Americans deserve to know whose side their senators are on: working families who play by the rules, or the big banks who got us into this mess? Working families need support, not another kick in the shorts.

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