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Fix Morro Bay's problem with a no



I’m waiting! For what? Morro Bay’s two newly elected councilmembers to be sworn into office. They each received a majority vote at the June 8, 2014, election, but will not be sworn into office until December—six months later. This is outrageous.

Vote no on J to send the issue back to the City Council. Ask them to fix the six-month “lame duck” problem. It’s an easy fix. Require that newly elected officials receiving a majority vote be sworn into office within 30 days, or sooner, from the election.

The current two-election, majority vote requirement is a good thing. It requires that a majority of voters supports a candidate; it helps to neutralize special interest group influence by requiring broad based community support to obtain a majority vote; and it opens the field to more candidates.

The two-election cost is small for both candidate and residents. Consider the high cost of an incompetent elected official. For example, the Atascadero council may cost residents potentially $7.8 million for unanticipated road work relating to the Walmart project agreement, and in Morro Bay we will pay the high cost for past council delays in choosing a new sewer plant location, which the current council has wisely done.

Vote no on J for a better Morro Bay. Keep the two-step election process—fix the “lame duck” problem—and ask the council to let voters have the opportunity to change the mayor’s term of office from a two-year term into a four-year term.

While you’re at it, please vote yes on Measure D for better schools in Morro Bay.

Thank you.

-- Barbara Doerr - Morro Bay

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