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Gas prices hurt us




I can’t believe there hasn’t been more coverage on the unjust gas price increases in the press and from our government. The average worker has had his wages cut, rising costs, and job loss, while the big companies continue to manipulate things so they make even more money at the workers’ expense.

A barrel of oil could sell for $100 today, and the gas price just went up, but that $100 of oil was not used to make the gas you just bought, so why did you have to pay more?

It’s greed from oil companies and maybe the service station—and for sure Wall Street and oil speculators who pushed the oil costs up for no reason but greed.

We bailed all these people out, and they are now doing fine, and the working class gets the shaft, as usual. Our government has done nothing to help the working class, nor do they plan to, because they are in bed with big business, and greed and power are what government feeds on.

-- Richard Mullikin - Atascadero

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