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Gays’ reverse discrimination is shameful


Yesterday a good friend told me an astonishing story.

Recently two former gay friends of hers coldly walked up to her one evening and told her point blank that they no longer could be friends because she was “thought� to be a Republican. Mind you, thought to be a Republican!

She had known and supported these people for over 10 years! She had shared her home, including many holiday family festivals with these folks.

The direction for this action apparently came from the leadership of the SLO County gay coalition known as GALA! Apparently all members in this group were directed to completely disassociate themselves from any Republicans or conservatives.

I may be wrong, but reverse discrimination and treatment of this sort will do more harm to any gay rights cause or agenda in this country than will ever help it!

If this is truly the feeling of the local gay and lesbian community I feel sadly for their direction. This is not community leadership! This is not openness! This action does not foster acceptance, peace, and harmony in this world at all!

Shame on them for this type of behavior!


Bob Spielman

Los Osos

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