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Gerrymandered districts


The Patten proposal is partisan, defective, and fails to meet the California fair redistricting guidelines and requirements:

• It disenfranchises voters by deferring and accelerating district elections as well as by cracking and packing districts for partisan Republican advantage.

• It grossly divides communities of interest.

Communities have been diced and sliced, moved around like pawns on an abstract chessboard which bears no relationship to reality. Geographical barriers and cultural-sociological-economic-political differences are completely ignored. The map is a creation of pure fantasy.

For example, Morro Bay and Los Osos are split from their closely aligned and naturally associated coastal communities of Cayucos, Cambria, and San Simeon to the north while the completely unrelated and alien inland communities of Atascadero, San Miguel, and Lake Nacimiento—way to the east—are now included in a coastal district.

This is a classic example of gerrymandering districts.

The Patten map blatantly fails to comply with fair redistricting criteria. Adopting such a flawed and untenable map is grossly irresponsible.

The Republican majority of the SLO County Board of Supervisors has thumbed their noses at a majority of county residents, a majority of whom are Democrats.

Donald Archer


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