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Get a job




Regarding the letter by Barbara Walker (“Listen, council members,” March 19) believe it or not SLO city and the taxpayers do not owe Barbara portable toilets, trashcans, security guards, motor-home parks or tents. I work with people with disabilities and—surprise, surprise, surprise—they are productive members of society who are working, producing, and most of all contributing, not taking from society. It is amazing how Walker and many homeless residents use the excuse they are disabled to justify their homelessness. 
Sorry, I am not buying it. Neither should anyone else.

There are many taxpayer- and privately funded programs to help disabled people and able people find work. Yes, the taxpayers: those of us who actually get up and work day in and day out, pay the elected officials, and pay for just about every other service any governmental agency provides. You know, we pay the taxes; such people as Barbara suck them up and want more. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

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