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Give me freedom to create

Los Osos



Regarding “Get rid of welfare today” (April 28):

Kill the 45-year failure that you all allowed to happen! Sounds like civil war to me! Oh boy—let’s start with our planning department and their good old boys’ clubhouse. Then sit with Tommy 420 and talk about getting rid of the tax office here in San Luis Obispo.

Mr. Smith, the other 50 percent works for the county, city, or state, wouldn’t you say? It’s like this, Mr. Smith: Adopt a dog. The county needs the money and doesn’t care if you’re in Section 8. Or the county will put a lien on you and make you!

Hell, everybody in Los Osos should use the power of a commercial lien over corrupt bureaucrats.

Give me freedom, the arts, science. Let me create. Kill the planning department and tax office. Let the war begin.

P.S.—Barking dogs don’t work, but make a good bone to pick or chew on.

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