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Go back and re-read the Constitution

Baywood Park



Regarding comments from Carolyn McMickle (“Prove health and help matter more than money,” May 19) and Lynn Sargent (“Who are the Republicans working for these days?” May 19), how convenient! Instead of addressing the real issues of health care, they just use the forum to bash Republicans.

Having a free health care system is far better than the government forcibly taking money from you and distributing it in their ineptitude to recipients. We all know how ineffective they are with their waste, fraud, misfeasance, and malfeasance. I don’t know what mind-altering substance is growing in Templeton, but it is certain that confiscatory, punitive policies do not solve a major problem where a free and open, competitive system would do far better.

The old blame-the-other-side-of-the aisle rhetoric doesn’t hold water, and they know it. Perhaps they would be happier living in a communist country where they take whatever they want. It’s wrong to take something from somebody and give it to somebody else by force. It’s right out of the communist manifesto, and it’s not what the United States of America is about. These people need to go back, re-read the Constitution, and understand what it means.

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