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Go crawl back under your rock!



Sad. Yet amusing, that the only way toxic Republicans could achieve their goals to be as mean-spirited to everyone and everything non-them as possible was to bullshit into office another of their lowlife ilk. A casino guy who once said he would have made a great mafioso, “one of the greatest” (New York magazine, Nov. 9, 1992). This guy (along with his special adviser, “I want to bring everything crashing down” Steve Bannon) is an obscene one-man wrecking ball of a president.

And it’s so predictable that all of the bad players want to play with him. Dirty energy, anti-environmental haters and other big business types. While they proclaim their greenness in PR pieces, they’ve been secretly lying in wait for someone like Trump to come along and fatten their coffers. His latest insult to decency is to assault our national monuments. For us locals, specifically, it’s his proposed attack on the Carrizo Plain National Monument (and a bunch of others) by lodging his intent to revoke its protection and opening up our coast to off-shore oil drilling, and any other atrocity he can think of to try to eliminate any good record that an audacious black man created. What a bozo!

“Today @POTUS fulfilled a promise to give rural America a voice by reviewing monuments that don’t have local support,” Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke wrote in a tweet on April 26.

HA! Carrizo Plain is so well loved locally that I’d venture you’ll have a war on your hands if you try to rescind protection. Well, that’s probably what they want. At least, Putin does.

These cretins can’t crawl back under their rocks anytime too soon for me.

-- Hank Madson - Santa Margarita

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