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God bless us and protect us from stupid Democrats




We are dismayed at just what the Hillary Clinton Democratic State Department is doing in the Middle East in their foreign policy under the direction of the Obamanation in the White House.

They pretend to be promoting democracy, but the net result of all their actions to date is to promote Islamic radicalism and the establishment of theocracies, not democracies. In the process, Christians are being persecuted and murdered; women are being sent back to the Dark Ages. The radicals are taking control.

You name it: Pakistan, Gaza, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and now Syria. Their foreign promotions are driving all of these areas into radicalism.

The Democratic policy in Iraq was rank stupid, and Afghanistan is the same. These stupid Democrats are the same slime-balls that lost a democratic South Viet Nam to the communists after a peace treaty.

Their present anti-Semitic policies toward Israel have placed the only democracy in the Middle East in great peril.

They are making it easy for Iran to step in and take control everywhere. The only solution for the world is to get the Democrats out of office in November.

P.S. May God bless America and protect us from the Democrats.

-- Justin M. Ruhge - Lompoc

-- Justin M. Ruhge - Lompoc

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