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God help us


To this reader’s nose, letter writers Michael Larrea and David Baskett reveal the ignorance and intolerance the neo-con “ilk� emit against those who disagree. In their arguments against Bill Denneen’s point of view, both writers eschew reasonable forms of intelligent debate and resort to vitriol and begging the question.

Mr. Larrea snidely asserts that Bill belongs to a group that is innately inconsistent. This, of course, reinforces what right-thinking Americans know about tree-huggers, liberals, and Democrats — they are flip-floppers. Mr. Larrea tells us 88 percent of all college professors are Democrats who “spew� their beliefs to our young — implying what we should know — intellectuals hate America.

Mr. Baskett even goes so far as to suggest that Bill kill himself as a sacrifice to the “environment.� But not before offering Bill, who knows “nothing about mankind or the history of the United States,� a little history lesson that is supposed to convince us that Christianity is the official religion of the realm. Baskett doesn’t mention separation of church and state, but ironically cites the Mayflower Compact (a document written over 100 years before the U.S. was even a thought) as proof. The men who wrote that document promptly adopted a policy of genocide against New England natives who had greeted them as friends, but refused to convert.

I don’t often agree with Bill Denneen, but may God help us if his detractors continue to have their day.


Steven Hawthorn

Morro Bay

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