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Going to hell in a bucket

Arroyo Grande



The Republican “leaders” spout their horror over the Democrats’ use of the “Deem and Execute” procedure to pass the Health Insurance Reform Bill. Is it political amnesia or hypocrisy to “forget” that when they were the majority in Congress, they used the very same procedure more than one hundred times to avoid a filibuster of unpopular bills by Democratic Party minority members? Doesn’t anyone remember how Medicare Part D, a bill written by Big Pharma that forbade negotiation of drug prices by the VA to keep costs down, a bill which cost trillions of dollars and was not “paid for,” got jammed through Congress?

 The so-called liberal mainstream mass-media pundits don’t challenge these hypocritical statements because their salaries are paid by about five large corporations, which own all the major networks. It’s time we, the public, realize we are being propagandized to act against our own best interests. There’s an important election coming but between the unlimited corporate political funding now permitted by the Supreme Court and voting machines that lacking a paper trail, this country is on the road to fascism.

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

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