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Health care reform must include a public option

San Luis Obispo



Health care reform must include a public option like Medicare and Medicaid for all Americans. The proposal for co-ops is idiotic. Co-ops, like communes, always fail. When the co-ops fail, they will be eaten
up by the health insurance industry for pennies on the dollar. Those who have proposed co-ops must subconsciously be corporate communists.  


I worked at SLO County Hospital part-time during a hiring freeze with no insurance in the early 1990s, as the insurance industry shrank it down and “drowned it in the bathtub” egged on by such greedy people with no compassion as Grover Norquist and Kevin McCarthy, who suckle at the bosom of big insurance and big pharma for money. 


It is really sad to see people taking so much pride in how little they know and freaking out about non-truths they have been fed by fat, pasty fearmongers paid by the profit-driven health care industry. It is at least somewhat heartening that Republican leaders (I use that term loosely) have brainwashed themselves so thoroughly they will vote no even for co-ops. They stand for no improvement to the system and no help for 95 percent of Americans. 


We should scrap the bipartisan idea of health reform and just get it done without the people who seem to just want to bankrupt all the families and individuals in the nation for their own profit.

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