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Help is needed

San Luis Obispo



  About your article on the homeless being pushed out of the creeks (“Merry Chrismas,” Dec. 18), let me give you the other side of the coin. I live in a delightful spot surrounded by eucalyptus trees, behind French Hospital. Picture waking up about 1 a.m. on a hot September night to smell smoke. I know the west wind is carrying that smoke from an illegal camper who is more likely than not [because I’ve cleaned up the mess many times] having a 1 a.m. vodka party around the fire. Now this fire is surrounded by ankle-deep, bone-dry leaves above which are 150-foot eucalyptus trees. I’ve seen this type of tree burn: They don’t flame up, they explode. Now, try to go back to sleep. Many times I have cleaned up the mess left behind (last winter 21 bags of trash) and seen them using the creek as a toilet. Now, I know it’s trendy to defend the creek dwellers, but I think you might have a different opinion if you had to deal with the results first hand. There are lots of programs to help people with alcohol and drug problems. These people need to get the help they need and stop trashing the creeks.

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