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Help us fight greed, independent voters

Santa Margarita



One of our country’s greatest problems is our gross inequality of wealth. Just a very few people in the country can donate billions of dollars to members of both political parties to achieve their political influence. Corporate, business, and personal taxes can be cut, and laws can be loopholed, allowing the wealthiest to grow wealthier (and more powerful) at the expense of everyone else in the country.

Romney, the ultimate vulture capitalist, will surely continue this trend. Romney and his buds will continue to raid American companies, fire workers, outsource the labor, and move the profits offshore, all the while increasing their wealth and power over our legislators. America will lose more jobs, the middle class will shrink, and the economy will continue to stagnate.

Obama’s economic policies have not been great, either, but at least he sees the value in making sure everyone pays their fair share of taxes and of funding resources to public institutions so that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed, add to the economy, stay out of crime, etc. Independent voters, give Obama another four years so we can fight the greed that the wealthiest citizens just cannot seem to rid themselves of.

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