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Help us halt habitat degradation in Atascadero

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Let's park 262 RVs on 6 acres in the Salinas River flood plain in Atascadero!

Right where hikers, horse riders, bicyclers, dog walkers, bird watchers, and nature lovers enter the historic De Anza trial along the river. The city Planning Commission OKed this plan on July 18 without any review of its recreational or environmental effects or looking for other suitable sites in town, giving it a "categorical exemption" from CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act).

Two appeals have been filed opposing this project. They'll be heard by the City Council on Sept. 26.

The Salinas River habitat for the beavers, fish, birds (bald eagles, etc.), trees, and plants living there has already been degraded by years of trash, illegal dumping, off-road vehicles, and pollution.

Three of the seven planning commissioners voted to deny this project because it's either inconsistent with the current general plan's open space policy or with the goals for its updated version due in a few months. One vote gave this plan its approval.

We can halt further damage to this precious source of life, water, recreation, and beauty. But it will take your voice to make it happen.

Please join us on Sept. 26 to do so.

David Broadwater



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