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Here are my three rules for prosperity

Los Osos



Regarding “Eliminate departments that harm civil liberties,” (June 9) by Mr. Arthur Cullati:

This is the best six shooter that ever came off the fencepost with honesty and hell’s bells ringing!

Mr. Arthur Cullati, America needs you in office right now! Thank you, New Times, so much for printing Mr. Cullati’s words of compassion for America!

May I fire three shots, sir? “Rules for Limitless Prosperity”:

Rule 1: No person, group of persons, or government may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual or private property.

Rule 2: Force may be morally and legally used only in self defense against those who violate Rule 1.

Rule 3: No exception shall exist for rules 1 and 2!

P.S: Bravo, Arthur. Bravo.

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