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Hospice volunteers are positive people




I was disappointed in Robert McDonald’s introduction to the article on Hospice of San Luis Obispo’s Pet Peace of Mind Program (“A home after death,” Aug. 25). While the article was generally positive, I thought he mischaracterized both the facility and the people who work there.

I have been a volunteer for almost two years and find the facility to be very warm and inviting. The people who work there are compassionate, supportive, and are strongly committed to the work they do. As opposed to being “weighed down by the trauma of their work on their faces and in their voices,” I see people who are excited about the contribution they can make to their community. We also know how to have fun.

With the exception of a small group of office personnel, Hospice of SLO is staffed entirely by volunteers who have made the choice to willingly give of themselves to support those in need in our community through a variety of services. When I talk to other volunteers, I don’t find people who are sad and overwhelmed by the services they provide; I find people who are honored to give to those in need.

Let’s give praise to the staff and volunteers of Hospice of SLO for the compassion and support they give to their community.

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