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How dare jerky Canadians trash us here




Please excuse my language, but I am really getting pissed off here.

In response to Brendan Barnett’s letter (a visitor from Canada) “This is why the rest of the world hates Americans (Dec. 2), my response would be “Go back home and shut the f--- up!”

I have a cousin plus several friends living in Canada, and they would never speak such trash as this idiot! They are relatively intelligent people and realize that if Canada were ever in trouble, they would have to turn to the United States to save their asses—sorry, butts! And I am sick if the bashing we Americans take from these “oh so nice, peaceful Canadians” who don’t seem to give a good crap about the mess the world is in, but are only concerned with their own welfare.

I have traveled a great deal around the world (including Russia and the Far East) and have always enjoyed good fellowship and made friends along the way. Sometimes I think our “allies?” in Canada are our worst enemies—no, I will say critics—and I am damned sick of it. Why do you even give creeps like this a-hole the satisfaction by printing their garbage?

But perhaps you are doing right by letting more of your readers know how our “neighbors” feel. This jerk isn’t the only Canadian I have heard crap from. What arrogance that they visit our country and then bash us like this!

Again, sorry for my language. I am not an uptight radical, but a retired businessman who basically likes most people and has many friends from all parts of the world—as I said, even a few Canadians!

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