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I can't wait to get rid of Capps

Baywood Park



Regarding the Lois Capps commentary on Dec. 2 (“We must extend unemployment benefits): This woman must think people in her district are uneducated and ignorant. It was her camp that brought about punitive and confiscatory taxation, freedom-robbing, and liberty-stealing policies. It is her Democrat government that took a Congress-generated $2 trillion deficit and turned it into one of $5 trillion and conducted illegal back room deals. It is Capps’ policies that push legislation to give special status to the harmful and criminal, but push her relentless hate in falsely criminalizing Christianity.

Her record in Congress is a dismal example and why the American voters threw out liberal socialist Dem house reps and their elitist, antagonistic attitude toward the voters as they slash any possibilities of success by their punishing, confiscatory schemes i.e. “tax cuts for the ‘rich.’” In her anti-business, anti-American dream policies, Capps maintains the worst kind of contempt for her district and an all-out assault on the American people. Her policies and cohort perps have chased more than 138 businesses out of California this year, with more leaving. Her fake smile and disingenuous corruptness is nothing more than insulting to us, the very same tactics used in the Soviet Union in their expansionist regime.

I can’t wait to see her thrown out of office. Next election cycle, we’re doubling up our campaign efforts all the way to the voting booth to see her political career ended. Can’t be too soon!

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