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I don't feel like Lucia Mar is putting students' needs first




Regarding the proposed New Tech High School in Nipomo: While I admit the school sounds exciting, I have concerns that so much money is being spent on a school that will benefit few students, especially when so many schools are doing without because there are supposedly no funds.

1) There are no computer lab assistants at the elementary schools. My fifth grade daughter can barely type. Typing should be mandatory in a school that is stressing 21st century skills. My older daughter, who went through elementary with computer lab, is an excellent typist and adept at PowerPoint, Word, and other computer applications. I want the same for my younger daughter and all elementary students in our district.

2) Library hours have been slashed. Studies have shown that a school library positively affects student achievement. We need full library hours in every school.

3) There are no kindergarten aides, at least at Nipomo Elementary, while class sizes have increased dramatically.

I was already unhappy about the proposed new high school when we have two great high schools already, but what really put me over the top was when I read that LMUSD will be allowing students from other school districts to apply to New Tech High. Are you kidding? Students in LMUSD are making all the sacrifices, and there is already a slim chance that they will even be one of those chosen to attend, but their chances are even slimmer by allowing others in.

While I feel Lucia Mar teachers and administrators are amazing, I feel really negative about the planning and focus of the board. I don’t feel they are putting student needs first.

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