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If Diablo melts down ...

San Luis Obispo



Most of the residents of SLO County have received information about obtaining K1 tablets in case radiation is released from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. We can all get two tablets per household member; keep them safe, know where they are. So far, so good: But please tell me, how are all the kids at school supposed to get the tablets in case of such a horrible emergency?


The tablets are supposed to be taken in “an appropriate and timely dosage.” What exactly is “timely”? There is no guarantee kids will be at home during such an emergency.


School kids might not take pills to school with them. If they need medication while at school, it is given to the school nurse for safe-

keeping. However, most schools no longer have school nurses on campus. Who would deal with this?


Will parents be able to leave K1 tablets clearly marked for their kids with somebody? Has any thought been given to this? The K1 

tablets do not provide protection other than for the thyroid gland, but in children, I must assume that this is protection worthwhile 

—while we scramble to get out of harm’s way!

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