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Ignorance is the problem


Jacob Campbell asked anyone to enlighten him about how some of us feel about homosexual marriage and pro-life (“Do Prop. 8 supporters value life?” Dec. 4). My understanding is God, The Creator, made some rules: no adultery, fornication, or homosexual activity. As far as why the Constitution did not say one man and one woman in the first place, that was clearly understood at the time. Homosexual marriage was not even talked or thought about back then. What people do in their homes is none of anyone’s business. Civil union gives all the rights and privileges of marriage. There is no need for change.   I do not want our young people growing up in a society that says sexual sin is acceptable. God says we should not do some things. I try not to do these things. We all fall short of perfection. We all need God’s grace. Homosexual sin is no worse than any other sin. I do not place gays below the rest. But gay pride sounds like sinner pride, or drunkards’ pride, thieves’ pride, liars’ pride. We should not be proud of our sins. We should not teach our children that adultery, fornication, homosexual activity, lying, cheating, stealing or any other thing that God told us not to do is acceptable. I realize not everyone believes as I do. The only objection I see is moral.   As far as pro-life goes, I am not sure when life begins. If life begins at conception, then abortion equals murder of an innocent child. I prefer not to take that chance.   There are many hate mongers on both sides of this debate and lots of false information coming from both sides. There are no second-class citizens. Ignorant people place themseves above others on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and so many other meaningless things. Their ignorance is the problem.

Dave Thomas 

 Santa Maria

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