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I'm glad I chose baseball over Occupy

San Luis Obispo



I went to a recent Thursday’s assembly for the Occupy SLO movement. I thought that the meeting would address the small schism developing between rowdies and movement stalwarts as to how to behave.

Far from free discussion, the assembly was more like a staff development day. I abhor those idiotic ideas that breaking into groups and getting a consensus on a mission statement is getting anyone anywhere. In more than an hour, all we had accomplished was getting a bumper sticker and mission statement. The meeting was “run” by some lady who was condescending at best, and included some ridiculous lessons on hand movement instead of using one’s voice.

I’ve spoken to as many people as I can, and the naiveté of the Occupy SLO movement is apparent. It seems that the presiding gripe is the unfairness in the economy. After that, it’s a hodgepodge of ideas that surround the notion we need to tear everything down and start all over.

After more than an hour, I’d had it. I took the dog for a walk and went home to watch something of real importance. What a World Series game 6! I’m glad I went home to see the last six innings.

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