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Impress me: Work together




As the political rhetoric heats up, both the left and the right go toe-to-toe trying to denounce the other in their quest for political dominance. It’s quite apparent that neither side is truly listening to or trying to understand the other. Forgive me if I’m not impressed. Isn’t it just possible that both parties’ perspectives contain elements of truth and half-truths, as well as an unhealthy dose of unadulterated balderdash?

It’s easy to find fault and blame one’s opponents for all that’s not right in the world, but that only makes finding common ground more difficult. As a nation, we’re currently facing many grave problems that will only get worse as long as we remain so divided.

When Democrats and Republicans stop bashing each other and start focusing on their own shortcomings and correcting their own faults, perhaps we can rediscover the vast common ground that we share as Americans and start working together to solve the problems we face as a nation. Now, that would be truly impressive!

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