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Inappropriate behavior from a protester



A person in our community, Danny Ehinger (I got his name from a front page article in The Tribune), participated in the protest against Planned Parenthood. This man is against abortion, and while he’s entitled to his opinion, I am appalled at the manner in which he attacked those who do not share his views. Angry, and with violent words, he accosted men, women, and children, all the while waving large posters of aborted fetuses.

My wife and I watched all of this in horror, but did not say anything; our group was instructed to remain silent and not engage. In Googling this person, I see that he has his own local business, along with a long history of this type of behavior. Yes, I was silent at the march, but I will not be silent now. Danny Ehinger’s way of protesting and expressing himself is abusive, combative, and is an assault that makes people feel unsafe. Next time, I hope the police step in to shut him down.

-- John Monfield - Atascadero

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