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Increase presidential scrutiny now!




A New Times letter writer accused me (“Political debate doesn’t move us forward,” Nov. 3) of putting a title on my letter “Some final words in the bailout conversation” (Oct. 27) that tried to end the debate.

While many people know that the newspapers generally put the titles on letters to the editor, I was pleased that your executive editor pointed out this fact to the general readership. This is one reason that your newspaper has built the honest reputation that it has and why I suggested  in a previous letter (Oct. 13) that “[people] keep writing those letters to New Times.”

The complaining letter writer says he walked precincts for Obama and also admits he is now disappointed. Well, as a registered Democrat for the last 45 years who did not walk the precincts for Obama, I can join this letter writer in saying that I am also disappointed in the Obama Administration, as are many of my friends.

I think political debate does move us forward. Obama is a good-looking man and a charismatic speaker, but he should have been subjected to much more scrutiny before his election.

Now is the time to do that!

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