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Indigenous communities are key to 30 by 30


President Biden has laid out a 10-year goal of conserving 30 percent of the U.S. by 2030, an inclusive and bold vision for safeguarding America's lands, water, and wildlife that will support the efforts of people across the country, including rural communities, tribal nations, private landowners, and many others on the frontlines of conserving, stewarding, restoring, using, and enjoying nature.

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council applauds the Biden administration's initial 30 by 30 analysis and commitment not only to conservation, but to cooperative protection of our lands and ocean. We thank President Biden and his administration for making conservation, protection, and the movement toward 30 by 30 a priority.

The president is walking the talk when it comes to prioritizing Indigenous leadership, rights, and knowledge in conservation. Each community of Indigenous people is the expert on the land and water where they live. This knowledge and history is critical to community-led conservation.

As the Chumash people know well, Indigenous communities have always been a part of the ecosystem, not apart from it, and our historical memories and knowledge are key to conservation moving forward. The Northern Chumash Tribal Council and the Indigenous Communities around the world are working to provide solutions to assist Grandmother Oceans in the ever-expanding troubling challenges that we face today.

We hold in our hearts deep reverence for Grandmother Ocean, Mother Earth, and all living things. Preservation of tribal spiritual and cultural resources is our heritage and responsibility. Successful implementation of 30 by 30 efforts and the expeditious designation of the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary would protect marine abundance and sacred cultural Chumash sites, strengthening Indigenous communities and serving as a model of environmental justice.

Violet Sage Walker

Northern Chumash Tribal Council spokesperson

Avila Beach

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