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It could happen to you



Your paper ran an article on “Homework without a home” (Aug. 14, 2008), and in the following issue you published a letter to the editor by Robert Jones (“Get a job,” Letters, Aug. 21, 2008) responding to that article.

Seeing that my name was included in that article, and dishonored by the letter writer, I would like to explain how a hard working family with little savings could become homeless.

Five months ago my wife and I had an apartment and we both had jobs. My three sons were either in school or in day care. My wife made a mistake and was sent to jail for her error. School was out for the summer and my children needed my care while my wife was no longer available. I had to leave my job to care for our children and, as a result, we became homeless.

While staying in the overflow shelters in San Luis Obispo, I found an extended family that also cares about my children. I pride myself on raising my children to be good people and will sacrifice my chance to get a job so that my children can be raised with high moral values.

My two older children have gone back to school and I have been looking for competent day care for my baby. If I am accepted in the welders training program, I will be able to gain the skill to obtain a high-paying job so that when my wife is released we will be able to raise our family with enough money.

Perhaps if Mr. Jones fell into a situation like I have, he would see the world much differently.

-- Robert Smith - Lompoc

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