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It takes a village


Recently Atascadero was plagued with vandalism at their school district (bus barn). This behavior was not only inappropriate but criminal. We should follow up and catch these offenders and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. Our school official felt it was appropriate to make the remark to the news media that it was most likely youths looking for something to do. I believe that looking for something to do falls in the category of throwing rocks in a pond or counting cars as they drive by. Destroying community property doesn't fall under that category.

This type of behavior will continue to happen and exist as long as our community leaders demonstrate this easygoing, relaxed attitude about crimes that are directed not just at buses but the entire community. We need to get back to rewarding good behavior and punishing inappropriate behavior to the degree of making examples of them. I wonder, if this damage were directed at personal property would it have been considered “just a prank.� I believe in our youth, and I believe that youth will follow directions and rules, but when we waver in our ability to give clear, sound, concise directions, youth are the first to see this as an opportunity to wedge and manipulate the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Remember, when the consequences are more severe than the pleasure of the act, it will end.

Don Marteen - Paso Robles

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