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It’s a matter of safety


Mike Brennler, in a letter to the editor (Sept. 30 Tribune), takes me to task for my letter “Good cops make bad politicians� (Sept. 23-Oct. 7 New Times).

Mike thinks that my letter is a biased and convoluted smear of Lenthall. He has clearly failed to comprehend the main point I was attempting to make, and, in view of the importance of the issue, I would like to reiterate my position.

In the Lenthall-Andreen debate I referred to, Lenthall clearly signaled his attitude on the issue of dry-cask storage of spent fuel rods at Diablo Canyon: he would rubber-stamp any position the NRC/PG&E takes.

My position is that this is unacceptable. I was a nuclear engineer in the 1960s, the heyday of nuclear power plant development. At that time we all thought that nuclear power was so promising that very soon we would be producing electrical energy “too cheap to meter.� The reality turned out to be quite otherwise.

Furthermore, I saw firsthand bureaucratically driven decisions that would curl your hair. Dry-cask storage at Diablo must be viewed very cautiously and certainly not be given rubber-stamp approval by our supervisors.

I am not terribly clear about Andreen’s thinking on this matter, but Lenthall made his position painfully clear. The voters who will decide between Andreen or Lenthall all live in the immediate downwind plume of Diablo Canyon. I urge us all to pay close attention to what they have to say on this issue. 

Lester Goldfisher

Grover Beach

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