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It's like kindergartners are in charge



I certainly have to agree with the Oct. 17 letter from Susan Gerakaris from Paso Robles (“Dear members of the Senate and Congress”). Obamacare is a done deal, so get on with it. Put it aside and do your job. There is a whole country that needs guidance and a workable budget. It is very difficult to respect elected representatives who continue to draw a salary and big benefits while they refuse to pay other governmental and military employees.

I do not understand how the Speaker of the House could have an ounce of self-respect left after allowing a small group of new representatives to cause such a disruption in the working of Congress. It’s like we have kindergartners running Congress. What happened to setting an example and showing respect for the people who elect you, let alone military personnel who you send off to war and then don’t respect enough to pay them? Unconscionable!

-- Sharon Roberts - San Luis Obispo

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