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John Donegan


What a relief! At last a conservative point of view published in the New Times ("A curious phenomena," Aug. 26). Will wonders never cease?

I, too, am an outspoken conservative who has been "canceled" by a few friends who cannot argue with my logic and therefore have retreated from our friendship. Somehow they think it's OK to express their own opinions, but when I voice mine they think I am trying to "recruit" them? Nay, nay, sweet sheeple, I am merely trying to say why I feel as I do. Whatever happened to intellectual conversation? I don't give a damn how you vote. I do, however, want my ballot counted and reported accurately!

I am tired of being labeled a "racist" just because I disagree with the current administration and respect police! This "woke" culture is far more racist and divisive. I was in the South in 1952. I saw what real racism is, and it ain't me, babe! I will continue to pray for our great country, and I applaud those who stand with me in this endeavor.

Tani Smida


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