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Just imagine


This letter is to Kathy Riedmann and anyone else who read her letter in last week's New Times ("Outrageous!" July 5) and found within it solace or worthwhile information. Her theme seemed to be that I (and probably others like me) lack imagination. Nothing could be farther from the truth, so let me share what I imagine right back at her.

I imagine that intelligent people would recognize the wisdom of the electorate and why they selected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. It seems obvious, but maybe that's just me.

Imagine if our black citizens, seeing that President Trump's economic policies resulted in black unemployment numbers lower than ever before, switched their allegiance from Democrat to Republican.

Imagine if our socialist-leaning citizens did some homework only to discover that capitalism has liberated more people from poverty than any other economic system. Of course, one doesn't need to imagine, just look into the economies of former Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela to see that socialism just doesn't work.

Imagine if the "makers" were allowed to keep what they earned to support their family and community and invest any that remains to make the world a better place rather than being forced, by the power of government, to give it to the "takers."

Imagine if our government treated lawbreakers at the border as they do citizens who break the law in our communities. Seems to me that children are always separated from their parents when adults are incarcerated.

Imagine if our government banned entire groups of people, based upon the danger they presented to our citizens, from entering our country.

Imagine if our president made friends with all world leaders with the goal of improving financial opportunity for and safety of our citizens.

Imagine if our government allowed the people, through their representatives, to decide the legality of abortion rather than the way it's been awkwardly decided by one judge, 40 years ago, via a 5-4 vote.

Imagine if all of those in the resist movement would just accept the will of the people expressed in our last election, get out of the way, and allow our president to Make America Great Again.

Imagine if the left's continued obstruction, name-calling, bad behavior, and impeachment efforts end up costing them the next presidential election.

Just imagine ... wouldn't that be something.

Gary Wechter

Arroyo Grande

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