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Keep your distance, but keep moving


Clearly, stay-at-home mandates (except for shopping, doctor visits, etc.) can drive people crazy. But what drives me a little crazy are those mandates that are imposed on our trails and beaches, without them having been clearly thought out.

My wife and I do a lot of walking ... everywhere. It's essential to stay somewhat busy, and get exercise, or depression (and even domestic violence) will/can set in.

There's little evidence COVID-19 travels through the air, unless it's in the form of mucous from a cough or sneeze. It needs a host, and a host's fluids. Therefore, our trails and beaches should be safe from transmission as long as people stay a reasonable distance apart. Six feet seems to me somewhat arbitrary. The other day we met a couple senior friends hiking on our newly designated one-way trail at the Fiscalini Ranch in Cambria. As a joke I said I was going to issue a "citizen's arrest" since they had violated the one-way signs planted all over. We chatted for a while and they agreed it was all overdone. Fresh air is fresh air, and people are unlikely to be touching each other (or breathing on them) anytime soon.

We went to see a movie at the Bay Theatre in Morro Bay a day before it closed. There was only one other couple in the whole place. We continue to play tennis with friends, and thankfully our local club hasn't issued any mandates to stay off the courts.

I was operated on for bladder cancer a little over two months ago. (I'm recovered). But I could be considered to still have an underlying condition. But I'm not going to let extreme paranoia rule my life (what's left of it. I'm 73). Take precautions, but use common sense.

Thank you New Times for hanging in there.

William Seavey


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