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Korsgaden's campaign is in the gutter


Stacy Korsgaden, 3rd District candidate for SLO County supervisor, has stooped to the worst sort of sleazy campaigning I've ever seen. I raised my eyebrows upon receiving her first attack ad against her opponent, but the second one was so vile and disgusting I was left stunned. Way to "put politics aside" and represent residents with the "highest-level integrity and civility" as stated on your web page, eh Stacy?! A mailer accusing your opponent of being a sexual predator of children based on four anonymous postings off a Cal Poly ratings site is certainly the highest form of civility, right? Shame on you for bringing this level of filth to the campaign. Although my guess is someone who would send out something like this is beyond shame.

Tiffany Abeloe

Grover Beach

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